Veggie BBQ Ideas

Veggie BBQ ideas that vegetarians and carnivores alike will love

Dips that are perfect for BBQ food… February 28, 2011

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I'll start with one of my favourite dips – Aubergine (or Eggplant to most of you). I'd happily live off Abergine Dip and pita for the rest of my life:
and gthen my second favourite (who am I kidding? I live for dips…) Guacamole.
This one is from the fantastic Hairy Bikers, just looking at it makes my mouth water:
*this reminds me, I have an awesome ginger guacamole recipe I'll have to dig out at some point.
Then we have the classic (and excellent alternative to ketchup) salsa!
I love it chunky, and this looks great – and is from New Zealand!
And finally, the Veggie favourite: hummus, in an easy to follow video form from
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BBQ Fruit! February 24, 2011

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These are definitely a couple of ideas you can try even if you don't have any veggie guests attending.
Grilled Watermelon
This sounds yummy, the recipe is for a grilled watermelon salad – but you could just do the grilled watermelon on it's own as a little extra addition to the BBQ food:
DINER'S JOURNAL; The Temporary Vegetarian
BBQ'd Bananas
I remember barbecuing bananas when I was young, I seem to think that once they'd gone soft we'd mash a but of golden syrup with them – however, this sounds like a much better idea (I especially love the idea of adding marshmallows)

A non Veggie BBQ Ideas related post: February 22, 2011

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Sorry this isn't a Veggie BBQ Idea, but is far more important:
A huge earthquake happened this afternoon in Christchurch and the death toll is currently 65, although this number is bound to rise. Christchuch have been struggling for months to rebuild through aftershocks since the non-fatal earthquake they had in September 2010. Although this earthquake was not as strong, due to being shallow it was far more destructive and violent.
Google has developed this people finder for the Christchurch earthquake, please use it if you are worried about loved ones, or if you think loved ones will be worried about you:
Also – to donate to the rescue and repair effort please go here:
Many thanks

A few Burger Recipes to start off with February 19, 2011

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There are many different types of burgers you can try out there – most of them will need a visit to the supermarket for some extra ingreedients – but it will be worth it!
Here is one from, you will have to source out some textured soy protein granules, but it'd be worth it.
and here is one from which is also vegan 
On youtube 'foodwishes' are promising the best garden burger ever – I've not tried it myself, but with step by step video instructions it should be pretty easy to try yourself:
Mushroom Veggie Burger Recipe – Best Garden Burger Ever!

All hail the sausage as the number one great veggie BBQ idea February 16, 2011

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Lets start with the most important food item for any BBQ – the sausage. Slap them in a bread roll and there will be no difference between your vegetarian and carnivore barbecue guests, we don't want anyone feeling singled out now do we?

It's reasonably easy to buy veggie sausages from larger supermarkets these days, however, there are a few great recipes out there that you can try for yourself.

Here is a classic vegetables and cheese sausage recipe, no fancy ingredients that you might need to go out and get specially – which can be an issue for BBQ food.
From BBQ Recipes the Vegetarian Sausage

For something a bit more fancy, with the added bonus of a tutorial video, here is 'everydaydish' on youtube giving you the recipe for Spicy Italian Vegetarian Sausages


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Untitled February 9, 2011

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how about this for a test?


Test post for set-up

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Hi Again!