Veggie BBQ Ideas

Veggie BBQ ideas that vegetarians and carnivores alike will love

All hail the sausage as the number one great veggie BBQ idea February 16, 2011

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Lets start with the most important food item for any BBQ – the sausage. Slap them in a bread roll and there will be no difference between your vegetarian and carnivore barbecue guests, we don't want anyone feeling singled out now do we?

It's reasonably easy to buy veggie sausages from larger supermarkets these days, however, there are a few great recipes out there that you can try for yourself.

Here is a classic vegetables and cheese sausage recipe, no fancy ingredients that you might need to go out and get specially – which can be an issue for BBQ food.
From BBQ Recipes the Vegetarian Sausage

For something a bit more fancy, with the added bonus of a tutorial video, here is 'everydaydish' on youtube giving you the recipe for Spicy Italian Vegetarian Sausages


Don't forget to keep checking out Veggie BBQ Ideas for more tips for that great vegetarian BBQ

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