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Veggie BBQ ideas that vegetarians and carnivores alike will love

Side Salads March 2, 2011

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It’s very easy to grab a bag of fresh salad and a bottle of salad dressing from any supermarket these days. However if you’re going to make the effort of holding a BBQ, why not carry on making an effort with the food.


Try making some of these lovely salads yourself (also a great idea as a bring-along dish if you are going to someone else’s BBQ)


Potato salad is a classic, but why not try something a little different from the usual recipes:


Veg Kitchen has this great recipe for potato salad with a parsley sauce:

Warm Potato and Fennel Salad with Parsley Sauce


For you protein fix, vegweb has this popular dish:

Grannys Award-Winning Tofu-Rice Salad

(I’m surprised Granny even knows what tofu is!)


And finally, Epicurious has this beautiful looking salad containing a little bit of everything for everyone:

Rainbow Chopped Salad



With all the bread and meat being devoured by the non-veggies – I’m sure they'd also welcome some salad to break up their day.




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